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November 24 2023
Celebrating 30 years of friendship and partnership

On November 15, 2023, a milestone event celebrated the three-decade-long cooperation between the Armenian company Marnik company, which specializes in the importation and production of food, and Valio, the Finnish leader in the global dairy market. The festive evening marked the official opening of the Armenian ice-cream factory Finny, which uses Finnish raw ingredients.

The ceremony was graced by the presence of Kirsti Narinen, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Finland to the Republic of Armenia; the official "Valio" delegation, including Jukka Leskinen, Senior Vice President; Audrey Meunier-Valkonen, Head of Sales and Marketing, International Retail; and Tatiana Kullman, Sales Manager for Central Asia and the South Caucasus. Additionally, representatives and affiliates of "Marnik's" Armenian market partners were in attendance.

A highlight of the evening was the official unveiling of "Finny," the Armenian ice cream factory that utilizes Finnish raw ingredients. The privilege of cutting the red ribbon was accorded to Ambassador Kirsti Narinen and Jukka Leskinen. Guests also enjoyed a guided tour of the facility, gaining insight into the machinery and raw materials that contribute to "Finny" ice cream's production.

In his welcoming remarks, Grigor Mantashyan, co-founder and director of the "Finny" brand and "Marnik" company, proclaimed, "In Armenia, we have crafted a product enriched by the century-plus legacy of the Finnish 'Valio' brand, exclusively using 'Valio' butter and dry milk. This is essential to providing an ice cream of distinguished taste and superior quality within the Armenian market."

Ambassador Kirsti Narinen lauded the "Marnik" and "Valio" collaboration as "a sterling exemplar of Armenian-Finnish business synergy, an experience I fondly recall from my first visit to 'Marnik' two years ago."

"Partnership with 'Marnik' has been crucial to our global growth and entrance into the South Caucasian sphere. This evening, we celebrate a partnership spanning three decades, a testament to 'Valio's' commitment to making our products readily available to the Armenian populace," Jukka Leskinen, 'Valio's' Senior Vice President, articulated. He also presented Grigor Mantashyan with a gold medal from the Finnish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in honor of his enduring and notable contributions to Finnish business.

In a reciprocal gesture, "Marnik" bestowed upon the Finnish ambassador and the "Valio" delegation special gold commemorative coins, symbolizing "30 years of partnership between Marnik and Valio."


Founded in 2000, "Marnik" is the successor to "Punj" LLC (1993-2000), the erstwhile representative of the Finnish "Valio" brand in the South Caucasus. Presently, "Marnik" stands as the exclusive distributor of "Valio" products in the Republic of Armenia, importing "Valio" and "Fin" branded butters, "Oltermani" cheese, "Valio" cream cheeses, and "Valio" processed cheeses.

Since 2020, "Marnik" has also initiated production under the "Finny" brand, with the objective of offering Armenian consumers unique ice cream made with natural ingredients and Finnish "Valio" butter, and soon, frozen dough products.